Masternodes System / POS Reward

A coin that cares about the planet's resources, the energy being largely spent in recent years for POW mining. In the POS system the power consumption is much lower than the POW mining, and with the help of the masternodes the network remains efficient and fast.

Anonymous Transactions

In a world so monitored and watched some people prefer to stay out of focus, through your MarteX wallet you can create totally anonymous transactions on the network.


Using MarteX FAST TX your transaction will be approved instantly with 10 confirmations from the network of masternodes, faster than your credit card, in the blink of an eye..


POW (Proof of Work) Mining requires a great deal of computing power to run different cryptographic calculations to unlock the computational challenges. The computing power translates into a high amount of electricity and power needed for the proof of work. In 2015, it was estimated that one Bitcoin transaction required the amount of electricity needed to power up 1.57 American households per day. To foot the electricity bill, miners would usually sell their awarded coins for fiat money, which would lead to a downward movement in the price of the cryptocurrency. The proof of stake (PoS) seeks to address this issue by attributing mining power to the proportion of coins held by a miner. This way, instead of utilizing energy to answer PoW puzzles, a PoS miner is limited to mining a percentage of transactions that is reflective of his or her ownership stake.


The increasing cost and technical complexities involved in running a full node computer on a blockchain network often leads to a decline in the number of full nodes, as it's not very profitable. Mining pools usually take up most of the resources through their mining activities. This reduction in full nodes impacts the efficient working of a blockchain, as it may lead to longer transaction processing times and network congestion. Master nodes attempt to solve the problem by acting as full nodes, and their operators are financially rewarded, similar to miners in a proof-of-work system. They operate on a collateral-based system to ensure that they provide genuine services as a backbone to the blockchain network, and hence are also known as “bonded validator systems.”.


MarteX's instant payment tecnology, FAST TX, allows anyone to make transactions with 10 confirmations without waiting.

Privacy is a concern for anyone interacting online, especially during transfers of value. We need a truly anonymous digital currency to safely store wealth and make payments online.


MarteX's unique anonymous payment system, ANONSEND, allows anyone to make transactions anonymously.

The innovation is in the mixing of inputs and outputs going through the ANONSEND system. A user's payment is automatically split into smaller demoninations and pooled with the split-up payments of other users. Receivers of payments draw these demoninations automatically from the pools until they have received the correct amount. Anyone viewing the blockchain will see payments being made but they won't be able to see who paid who.


Distribuition: POW / POS / Masternodes

Algorithm: X13

Block reward POW: 2.50 MXT

  • - Block division POW: 45% Miner / 45% MN / 10% Governance

Block reward POS: 2.50 MXT

  • - Block division POS: 45% Miner / 45% MN / 10% Governance

Block generation: 1 minutes

Difficulty: retargets every minute using Dark Gravity Wave

Total supply: 11,600,000 MXT

Transaction anonymity using Masternodes